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New Show Announcement!! 

This coming Sunday, April 13, 2014, I'll be performing at The Shelter with my hometown brother, Zo! and the show also features my girl, vocalist Carmen Rodgers. I'll be on guitar beside Collective Peace providing the backdrop for Zo. Definitely come out if you can. It's sure to be a great time!! Tickets available at

Signed My First Deal!! 

I'm crazy excited to announce to you all that I've signed a single deal with one of the biggest Soul & House music labels in the UK... Reel People Music!!

They signed "Stronger" feat. Jean Baylor, the first single from my upcoming album "XII" and it got an official release on March 28, 2014, along with a BANGIN' house remix from my good friend and UK based producer, Paris Cesvette!!

In the last weeks, it's already reaching further than it reached initially. It's hitting radio all over the UK and making great strides in South Africa, one of the biggest house music markets in the world!!

All I can say is this... if you trust, believe, and have faith that God will make a way, work hard, and don't give up in the darkest of times, success WILL come to you!!

Thank you all so much for you constant support over the years!!

Available on Traxsource now and iTunes & all other digital retailers soon!!


"Stronger" Remix To Be Released By Reel People Music! 

The great news and blessings just keep on coming!!

My good friend and house music producer Paris Cesvette recently finished the house remix of "Stronger" feat. Jean Baylor, the 1st single I release from my upcoming album, "XII". Well, the remix has now been signed to and will be released & distributed by one of the top house music labels in the world, Reel People Music!!

I'm so excited about this and about what the future holds!!

NEW SINGLE! "Now I Know" feat. Jesse Boykins III & Robert Glasper!! 

Great news!! My new single, "Now I Know" feat. Jesse Boykins III & Robert Glasper is now available... and it's FREE for the next 48 HOURS!! It's a huge honor to be able to work with both of these great artists and brothers who I also call friends. Sending a special thanks to all of the great musicians that helped make this song possible. Click on the art below to get you FREE download!! If you'd rather pay to play, you can get the song on Bandcamp for clicking here.


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