The Love Factor

After successfully releasing my debut album “XII” in 2014, I was inspired to release a new work after living a whole lot of life, and more importantly... growing. I felt I had more to say. I felt it was time to tell a new story... and that's where "The Love Factor" comes in.

Through the creative process over the last 2 years, I've collaborated with some amazing musicians to bring this work to life. I even brought back some of your favorites from the first album (Alex Isley, Matt Cusson, etc.); and along with some emerging artist I feel the world needs to hear, the album is easily my best work to date.

With that said, as many of you know, I used the crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic to get the ball rolling for pre-orders and other exclusives to offset what I'd already been funding myself for  the album. We had a very successful campaign and hit 105% of the goal. I'm so grateful for that. This is where the issue comes in. PledgeMusic only releases a portion of the money to you when you hit the goal and then after you show that you've completed the album, they release the remaining balance. Well... that didn't happen because before I was able to turn the album in to them, they folded. There was never proper escrow set up to house the artists' funds, they were embezzeling money and also using the pledges to grow the business. It's looking like they walked away with upwards of $4,000,000. They left a lot of artists in a bad spot and not able to complete their albums or send out promised products from the campaign.

At the suggestion of some of you, I (reluctantly) created this page because more than a few people have inquired about  pledging again to help defray and offset the remaining costs. The album is completed, but a few more things are needed at this point before I can release it. A photo shoot for the album cover, a graphic designer to put the package together, pressing of the CDs... and of course... shipping costs.

I have some lemons and water. Y'all have any sugar? I'm ready to turn lemons into lemonade!!


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